Meet our Staff

Dr. Angela Rose


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Karen R. - Practice Manager


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Whitney M. - Receptionist


Hi, I'm Whitney. I am a mother of 4, I have 1 dog named Luke and several cats. I enjoy camping and spending time with family!

Danae P. - Veterinary Technician


Hi, I'm Danae I am married and have 3 kids as well as two new kittens named Buffy and Odin. I enjoy spending time with my family and going to social gatherings. 

Meagan B. - Veterinary Technician


Hi, I'm Meagan. I am married to my awesome husband and we have a wonderful daughter together. We have a 9 year old pitbull named Mocha and a 4 year old cat named Everest. 

Kat S. - Veterinary Technician / Lead at OBCHR


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Meet our Staff

Melissa j. - Veterinary Technician


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Stephanie B - Kennel assistant


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Megan C. - Kennel assistant


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Hi, I'm Flynn I am about 5 months old, I wandered up on a clients door step and no one claimed me as their own. I'm just so cute that everyone got attached to me and I live here now. I enjoy playing with all of the toys, trying to be friends with snoopy(the bird) and snoozing in the lobby! 



 This is Bubby/Billy he’s our adopted outside kitty. You may have seen  him outside! He is allowed to come inside and go back out so if he ever  wants in or out that’s fine! He enjoys spending time rolling in the dirt  and sleeping on or under our clients cars so please be aware! 



Muffin is 4 years old and belonged to a client and due to unforeseen circumstances she was no longer able to care for her, so we brought Muffin here to be adopted out. Muffin absolutely ADORES our Mailman and waits for him every day to give him love. She enjoys sleeping on top of the files up front and chasing bugs.

Meet our Staff



Scout and Chief were trapped behind the Lingle Law Firm as kittens 5 years ago. We attempted to tame them down but Scout is still weary of people and is not a fan of pets. She is very food driven though and you can occasionally get some love in while shes enjoying her morning treats.



Princess is 5 year old Maine Coon she did not make it into her breeding program due to dental issues and seizures. She enjoys trying to chew on everyone's straws and sleeping in the window.



 Chief and Scout were trapped behind the Lingle Law Firm as kittens 5 years ago. We attempted to tame them down but Chief is still on the fence about people but does have his loving moments where he wants love and will drive you crazy with love until hes done!



Harvey is 10+ years old and a survivor of the Joplin tornado from 2011 he was never claimed and had a laceration injury so he came back to Arkansas with us. Harvey has been here ever since!



This is Corky she is our 11 year old with Feline Downs Syndrome. She came to us as a kitten and we just could not let her leave. Corky enjoys cuddling with her main man Harvey.



Ellie is 7 years old and knows shes the real princess here! She loves to be told how pretty she is and enjoys being sweet talked! Ellie is our 3 legged kitty she lost her leg due to a leg injury as a kitten. 

Meet our Staff

Honey Badger/H.B.


H.B. is 8 years old doesn't care, except about his canned food, treats and belly rubs. You can find him lounging around the clinic on files. Honey Badger has been with us for 8 years.



She is an outside stray that we spayed and tried to tame down for a few weeks but the call of the wild was strong and she does better outside. She enjoy being petted through the window and visiting all the kitties on the sun-porches from outside. 



We don't know much about Fuzz, but he is another one of our outside kitties we feed. We have tried to trap Fuzz for a while now but he is just too smart!



 Snoopy is our resident bird! He is 27 years old and very temperamental and does not enjoy being touched he will bite! Snoopy boarded off and on with us for years before a clients housing situation changed and she could no longer keep him and now he lives with us! He enjoys yelling all of the phrases he knows at us in the morning when we get here and at night before we leave. He loves breakfast burritos, chips and french fries!